About Us

Our Mission:

We are a business-to-business network that helps drive success through disability inclusion in the workforce, supply chain and marketplace.

Who We Are:

We are business leaders, people with disabilities, parents, educators and community partners and leaders with a passion to raise awareness, remove barriers and employ people with disabilities in NC.

What We Do:

  • Education and Training
  • Provide Resources
  • Create Business Networks
  • Provide Consultation and Support.

Our Strategic Partners:

  • US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) :  The NCBLN is an affiliate of the USBLN©, the collective voice of nearly 50 Business Leadership Network affiliates across the United States, representing over 5,000 businesses.

    See: www.usbln.org

    Charlotte Area Liaison Group (CALG) : The Charlotte Area Liaison Group (CALG). CALG is a professional organization dedicated to human resources professionals and business owners with responsibilities for Department of Labor compliance issues. Membership in CALG can provide companies with current information and contacts to assist you in addressing compliance issues that include Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act.

    See: www.cailginc.org

Beth Butler, J.D., Executive Director, NCBLN

Beth Butler J.D., Executive Director, NCBLN

Letter from the Executive Director

I am honored to have the opportunity to advance NCBLN’s mission to help businesses drive performance through disability inclusion in the workplace, supply chain and marketplace. As an experienced HR professional, licensed attorney and most importantly, one who was born with a non-apparent disability, I delight in the potential that NCBLN brings to the businesses in North Carolina and welcome you along for what promises to be an engaging and impactful journey.

What appealed most to me about the opportunity to lead the NCBLN as executive director was how, for the first time in my career I could leverage my experiences both personally and professionally to meet business and community leaders where they are in their diversity journeys and focus my efforts on helping them appreciate the value of full disability inclusion in their workplaces and in our communities. With an unemployment rate of 69.6% for working age people with disabilities in NC coupled with a poverty rate of 31% for this same population, the NCBLN’s role is clear.  By spotlighting North Carolina businesses and community leaders that demonstrate best practices and innovations in disability inclusion we will be challenged to think, act and lead differently. These changes will help remove attitudinal barriers and reduce the unemployment rate of people with disabilities in NC. 

My perspective is unique. With experiences, as both an employment attorney struggling to balance the mitigation of risk with the motivation to promote disability inclusion and as an applicant who nearly lost an employment opportunity because I disclosed my disability during an interview, I am not intimidated by the complexities of this important work.  It is through these challenges that I have developed the resiliency that will fuel my passion for our future work together. 

Sincerely,   Beth Butler,  JD, Executive Director,  NCBLN

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